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Calibration Test Weights / Standards 


Cast Iron, NIST, ASTM, and OIML ClassificationStainless Steel, NIST ClassificationElectronic Calibration Weights, ASTM ClassificationPrecision Laboratory Weights, ASTM ClassificationPrecision Laboratory, OIML ClassificationHook WeightsAccessories

complete line of test standards, kits, individual weights and accessories

traceable certificates of calibration

NIST, OIML and ASTM class weights


Calibration / Test Weights


ASTM Class 1

ASTM Class 2

ASTM Class 3

ASTM Class 5

ASTM Class 5/6/7


Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

cast iron grip handle

Scale Display Interval

.01 / 0.1 mg

.001 / .01 g

.01 / .1 g

.1 / 1g

1g and above

Options :  

- wide range of Weight Kits from .1mg thru 5 kg , all classes (please inquire)

- cases for individual ASTM weights available

- other weight values and kits available , please inquire

- Calibration Certificate : per certificate (no limit in the number of weights per cert)

- factory applied serial number or unique marking 


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